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About me

My name is Annika, I was born in 1978 in Berlin, Germany. During my Life I have lived for several years in London (England) and Stockholm (Sweden). I am fluent in English as well as Swedish and have basic knowledge in French. Currently I live and work in Hamburg Altona.

I trained as a nurse and studied Public Health and work as an epidemiologist. 2012 I also started working as a babywearing consultant.

My two sons (born 2010 and 2014) had a strong influence on that career path.

I did my babywearing training at the ClauWi School of Babywearing which offers an independent and up to date education. In the process of life long learning I regularly meet with other babywearing consultants and keep informed via social media and babywearing networks. I also participate in at least one advanced learning session a year.

My first son taught me that babys want to be carried, no matter what.  I soon realized that babywearing was more than a mode of transportation. It was cuddling, bonding, but also  relieved a lot of the physical strains that come with  the daily routine with a baby and/or toddler.

I love doing babywearing  coachings, meeting new people and helping them a little in making their everyday life with their children easier through babywearing. 

Every parent/child is different, they all have their own histories and future paths. It's an honor and a pleasure to accompany them a little bit on their way.

There is not "the one and only" perfect baby carrier or wrapping technique.  It is an interaction of many different factors. I'm glad every time we manage to find the perfect option for a particular babywearing couple.

Last Update August/2018.